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Date: 30 Apr 2014
swar to Ishwar sangeet yatra

You all are aware of the grand complition of 50 years of JAIN SANGEET YATRA by sri Rahi Saheb.In those days of his youngerhood, the people were anxious of his katha bhavna & use to come asap to reserve their seat,being huge crowds were attending the Katha Bhavna .

this is proud of BMPP Parivar. Hence we arranged the programmes of sri Rahi Saheb's Katha/Bhavna in 3 sequence, .....1st at Mulund-w Kalidas, 2nd at Borivali-w on 15/8 & 3rd for south Mumbai & other suburbs at YOGI Sabhagruh, Dadar on 01-11 in 2014.


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