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Date: 17 Jan 2013
13-1-13 Jaap Anushthan was at Yogi Sabhagraha, sponsored by Ma. Chandravatiben Vasantrai Mehta Pariv

The first ever grand Navkaar Jaap Anushthan performed by P.P. Sri jayantbhai Rahi with his corus & musician team on 13-1-13 at Yogi Sabhagraha- Dadar (CR), Mumbai.  A. Sau. Heenaben  & Sri Bhadreshbhai Mehta of the aayojak parivaar chanted the bhavya jaap along with the family.

The grand "Parmeshthi Ratna award " was being awared to the six heroeic devoted personalities:-

Padmashri Dr. Kumar Pal Desai (Amd), Navkkaar param aaradhak Sri Shashikantbhai Keerchand Mehta (Rajkot), Pujya Sri Mithubapa (Mithubhai Mavji Gada) - Raidhanjar, well known vidhikar Sri Narendrabhai Ramji Nandu, Shreshthi Dharmaveer Sri Hiteshbhai M. Mota - Rapar - Gadh & Daanveer Shreshthi Sri Anantrai Girdharlal Shah. 

Dr. Kumarpal Desai has given very spiritual speech on Navkaar Mahamantra.

Sri Narendrabhai Nandu has also given the holy speech on this mahamantra quoting the grand example of Navkaar devotee Sati Revati of History.

The speech of BMPPP chairman Sri Dalpatrajji P. Jain on the pious activities of the organisation i.e. of Navkaar No Rankar magazine for religious knowledge & sadharmik utkarsh abhiyaan, was very impressive.

Mr. Ramesh L. Soni , the BMPPP President has given the welcome speech.

Mrs. Zaverben B. Jain has very intellegently & successfully handled the full programme with her holystic speech & nice anchoring.

P.P. Sri Jayantbhai Rahi has performed the jaap as well as the songs & the historical events so nicely that the audience honoured Pujya Rahi Saheb again & again.

Mr. Bhadreshbhai of daata parivaar thanked all aaradhaks, the award winners, the VIPs & ofcourse Pujya Rahi Saheb & his team along with the chair persons & trustees of BMPPP.  He also thanked the volunteer team of BMPPP for their discipline & the way the managed the whole function.

After completion of jaap , all enjoyed the nice tasty food arranged by the Daata parivaar as sadharmik bhakti.

Our thanks to Kutchi caterers for the tasty & timely food.

We thankful to the Sanskaar Channel M/s. PT Group (though they released the live relay of jaap on commercial terms), through, which the Navkaar mahamantra reached / touched not only each & every corner of the Country, but all over the World including USA also. 

So, this was the grand starting of Navkaar jaap anushthan in the crucial year 2013 coming up with many uncertainties.

Our hearty thanks to all known / unknown service providers as well as volunteers & the people who devoted their services in the grand success of this bhavya Navkaar jaap anushthan.


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