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Pujya Shri Jayantbhai ‘Rahi'

A great ‘SADHAK' of NAVKAR Mahamantra & an extreme devotee of Lord Arihant . He resides in Chembur,Mumbai with his wife Smt. Sushilaben & son Mr. Mulraj with his family.

He kept his upper name as ‘Rahi' which means a traveller i.e. the traveller on the path of Jainism/ Navkar Bhashya Jaap Anushthan.

He was born & brought up in the town Patan Siddhpur – a great historical city in Gujarat . He started his career as Jain Bhakti Sangeetkar with the blessings of Gurudev Param Pujya Acharyadev Shri SUBODH SAGAR SURISHWARJI MAHARAJ SAHEB.

He is a very famous Jain Sangeetkaar & a well known Singer, who devoted as more as 45 years in Jain Bhakti Sangeet stream.

Till date, Shri Jayantbhai ‘Rahi' has successfully done & completed 125 “Anjan Shalaka” (The Pran Pratishta of New Jain Temples) in his life.

But, with the inspiration & blessings of PARAM PUJYA ACHARYA SHRI JAYSHEKHAR SURISHWARJI MAHARAJ SAHEB, now since last 15 years, he has fully concentrated only on the promotion of Navkar Mahamantra Bhashya Jaap Anushthan (chanting) by his lovely Indian music (Bhartiya sangeet).

Many Jain Acharya Bhagwants, Sadhus & Sadhviji M.S. have showered blessings on him. He voluntarily arranges the Navkar Bhashya Jaap Anushthan without taking a single penny from anyone as charges & even not accepting any bouquets or gifts.

He Inspired,"Navkar No Rankar" monthly free circulated magazine , which completes 5th year with 60th issue

He has declared year 2009 as ”Vishwa Navkar Varsh” & is fully involved in the activities to be performed during the year by performing as many as Navkar Jaaps to prevent the man kind from uneven causes.

He is a Founder of “Bruhad Mumbai Panch Parmeshthi Parivaar” - “BMPPP”. He established the institution 15 years back in Chembur Tirth – Aadeshwar Dada Jain Temple with the blessings of P.P.Acharya Shri Jayshekhar Surishwarji M.S. Now the Parivaar is having a vast chain of Navkar Aaradhaks not only in Mumbai but in all over India . The credit of the success in this religious activities, obviously goes to Smt. Sushilaben & his son Shri Mulraj, engaged in the business of cloth shops in Chembur.

Vidhikar Shri Harsh Dedhia (Ghatkopar), Shri Bharat Shah (Bhandup) & Shri Nimish Shah (Borivali), & others are the disciples of Shri ‘Rahi Saheb'- a great philosopher, a good poet & a good comperor .

The famous Jain Sangeetkar, Navkar-Nishtha, Param Upasak Shri Jayantbhai Rahi is well known in the Kutchhi, Gujarati & Rajasthani societies (Samaj).

At the very young age of 35 years, he & his wife accepted 4th pledge (Chaturth vrat) of Jainism i.e. “Brahmacharya” ! He has till date chanted upto 90 lakhs Navkar (10 Navlakha Jaaps).