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Date : 04-Jun-09
Name : Dhiren Jethalal Gada
Location : Chembur
Message : Congratulations to Shri.Rahi and other accompanying members of Navkar Na Rankar Group.There is immense power in Navkaar.Navkar is just like From here to Eternity. Wishin Rahiseth all the best.

Date : 03-Jun-09
Name : jay nandu
Location : vile parle (mumbai)
Message : panch parameshthi mandal doing great job along with shri jayant bhai rahi and shri harsh dedhia. spreading namaskar mantra all over the world.

Date : 02-Jun-09
Name : Nitesh M. Nagda (Kusum Arts)
Location : Masjid Bunder
Message : Jai Jinendra to All Jain... Wonderfull to see navkar Wedsite put on specially for the young generation to know and learn more abt jainism and Navkar.. thank for this Effort... and rahi ji..... aapne amara sau na Jai Jinendra... wonder full work you are doing for jainism.. heartlist thanks to all involved in this effort.. long live

Date : 01-Jun-09
Name : Heena Vallabh Maru
Location : Ghatkopar
Message : This is very good intiative of launching navakar web site, and definitely it will help all of us to move aheah and ahead and do lot for our Jain religion.
I have also attended Jaynt rahi's bhasya navakar jap in Ghatkopar and it really help for the entire month in any manner.
And as we are celebrating 2009 as Navakar Varsh, so wishing a whole hearty labhalabh in remaining 2009.
Looking and awaiting for a great grant event on 9/9/09 at yogi sabhagruh.

Heena Maru

Date : 28-May-09
Location : MULUND(e)
Message : the vebsite is very informative &knowledgable & hence appreciatable.

Date : 24-May-09
Name : dolly jain
Location : pydhunie
Message : itz really a good job of making this site ..Really it gives a knowlege 2 all non-jains about what navkar mantra actually means..& itz really very important in our day 2 day life...keep it up & I M PROUD 2 B JAIN


Date : 24-May-09
Name : gautam chand chhajed
Location : pydhunie
Message : its really good ...i always attend all d programs of navkar mantra jaap & i really love it

Date : 22-May-09
Name : Bivraj Jawahar Koradia
Location : San Diego, California, USA.
Message : **Jai Jinendra**
This really is an outstanding website, spreading the message - "Navkar No Rankar".
Guruji "Shri Jayantbhai Rahi" and Panch Parmeshthi Parivar have been working with extreme dedication and perseverance to spread values of NAVKAR MAHA MANTRA through regular Jaap Anushthan accross the horizon. I commend each of you for your dedication and hard work.
This website will serve as a great resource for all Jains, Non-Jains, Youths and Seniorís accross the globe to inculcate the virtue of Navkar Maha Mantra.
Also Hearty Congratulations to Guruji Shri Jayantbhai Rahi, My Father Shri Jawaharbhai Koradia and Panch Parmeshthi Parivar of Mulund for completing 10 Years of Jaap Anushthan at Mulund Center.

Date : 21-May-09
Name : Rajendra C. Desai.
Location : Andheri (west ) Mumbai 400053
Message : It is excellent site. Itgives more detiles regarding Navkar Mantra for non jain.It is very much appreacitable. Keep it up.It fresh up thWarshie mind

Date : 21-May-09
Name : Shri Jawahar Prataprai Koradia
Location : MULUND(WEST),MUMBAI-400 080.
Message : Hearty CONGRATULATIONS to all the members who have made this web site.I request all the people around the world to encourage their friends and relatives to take advantage of this web site.Please all join with us for " VISHWA NAVKAR VARSH 2009"and attend the NAVKAR MANTRA BHASHYA JAAP AT MULUND(WEST),MUMBAI on every "PUNAM" of DESI MONTH.On "PUNAM"of this month(Dt.9/05/2009),We have completed 10 YEARS of NAVKAR MANTRA BHASHYA JAAP ANUSTHAN at MULUND(WEST),MUMBAI.

Date : 20-May-09
Name : Rajul Arts
Location : Ghatkopar mumbai
Message : Dear All, Jai Jinendra, Many Many hearty congratulations!!!!. The
website has been the most auspicious thing to happen this year 2009. All who have put the efforts in this creativity is in itself the result of positive vibrations from navkar mantra learnings and meanings. Navkar
mantra has proved that people become creative steady, Knowledgeable and
good decision makers in life.

Those all who will be preachers and praisers of navkar mantra will bring good things in life , good changes and betterment for human mankind. Navkar mantra is todays powerful tool for oneself to defend from sudden difficulties and face the unforseen challenges in ones life.

Thankyou very much for doing this
pious activity and I am sure people will take 100% adavantage of this nformative website.


Date : 20-May-09
Name : Smeet Rajesh Sangoi
Location : Ghatkopar'mumbai
Message : Good designing of 'Home Page'

Date : 19-May-09
Name : Ronak Dedhia
Location : Mumbai
Message : I urge all the people around the world (Jains or besides) to view, encourage and follow the message of Shri Navkar Mahamantra & join the cause of Vishwa Navkar Varsh 2009 & join regular BHASHYA JAAP CENTRES. Regards, Ronak.

Date : 19-May-09
Name : Mahi Shah
Location : Mumbai
Message : Hearty congrats to Harshbhai & the navkar aradhaks for initiating a splendid movement for spreading world peace through Mahamantra Navkar. Regards, Mahi Shah (Matunga)

Date : 19-May-09
Name : mohit
Location : bhavanagar
Message : good website for new gen.very well site.

Date : 15-May-09
Name : Tejas Mehta
Location : nepeansea rd
Message : congrats to Shri jayantbhai Rahi for creating this web site.i come regularly in pydhonie. few months before i had organised Shri Navkar Mahamantra Bhashya Jaap Anushthan presented by Mr.Harsh Dedhia {ghatkopar}...half the year i reside in Boston, jayantbhai plz plz plz come over there one time or even Harshbhai u plz come over there and spread the message of Shri Navkar Mahamantra

mehta family

Date : 15-May-09
Name : Ashish doshi
Location : Mumbai
Message : I am a regular aaradhak of Navkar Bhashya Jaap.i regularly attend Navkar jaap of Shri Rahi saheb as well as of Shri Harsh Dedhia..Even I had organised navkar jaap of Shri Harshbhai Dedhia 2 years back at Ghatkopar.Long live Harshbhai! for ur extra ordinary performance..thank u Harshbhai and his gurudev for training Shri Harshbhai so well..this is a very good site

Date : 15-May-09
Name : Amit Shah
Location : Yogi Nagar ,Borivali,Mumbai
Message : Congrates, I & our Kalyan Mitra Group of Yogi Nagar, are very happy to hear Mr. Jayant Rahi. Thank to Mr. Rahi J amarey aangne avya ane sunder, aulokik Mahamantra Navkar Jaap np labh amone aapyo. Abhar.

Date : 12-May-09
Message : it will give happiness to heard NAVKAR jaap(short version) with the voice of JAYANTBHAIRAHI to keep as download segment for Mobile Ringtones & also give pleasure to the persons who can not able to attend your JAAP please accept this suggestion

Date : 11-May-09
Name : Mukesh Chandulal Shiyal
Location : Ghatkopar[E]
Message : Congratulations for launching this website...Let the teachings of Lord Mahavira go to places and establish peace and unity amongst human beings..

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