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Date : 28-Sep-10
Name : deepa gogri
Location : ghatkopar
Message : Jai Jinendra!
Aaj Na Youngster Ne NavkarParivar AMNTRIT Karre Chhe....
Aapna Vicharoo Thi Ek Navie Kranti Laaviye Jenthi NAVKAR Ni Shradha Loko Ma Jagrut Thay!

Date : 02-Sep-10
Location : KOLKATA
Message : 1. excellent website with some very
good reading about sri navkar

2. how can i get navkar no rankar
in hard copy at my home so that
everybody can read.

3. i also want to have any material
by sri rahiji available on cd

thank you for all the good work
you are doing.

Date : 29-Aug-10
Name : Nehal K. Vikamshi
Location : Mulund , Mumbai
Message : Jai Jinendra
Guru Vina Gynan Nai , Navkar Vina Jivan Nai.
I am attending Navkar Mantra Jaap since the last 10 years. Navkar Mantra has given us peace , prosperity and well being.We wish you all Good Luck.Ghar Ghar Gunje Shri Navkar,Aej aamaro che nirdhar.

Date : 28-Aug-10
Name : chirag shah
Location : dombivli (east)
Message : jai jinendra...............

સહુ ના હૈયે હોય રણકાર ,
મંગલકારી શ્રી નવકાર...

બસ એક જ પ્રાર્થન છે...કે આ પચં પરમેષ્ઠિ પરિવાર આપણા જિન શાસન માટે સદા આગળ આવતા રહે અને નવકાર મંત્ર ને આ જ રીતે દર એક ભાઇ-બહેનો સુધી પહોચાડતા રહ અને સહુ નુ જિવન નવકાર મય બનાવે એજ પ્રાર્થના.....જિન આજ્ઞા વિરુદ્ધ કઇ બોલાઇ ગયુ હોય તો મિચ્છામી દુક્ડમ

જૈનમ જયતિ શાસનમ્

Date : 18-Jul-10
Name : Bhakti Dedhia
Location : Mulund
Message : The site is wonderful, but I would like to suggest you to keep some space for videos (the events which are undertaken by Mr. Jayantrai) so that people who are unable to attend the event can also enjoy the event sitting at their home.

With Regards,
Bhakti Dedhia

Date : 03-Jul-10
Name : rajan mehta
Location : bhuj- kutch
Message : jai jinendra,
first time in kutch "NAVKAR NO RANKAR".ON date 1st august,2010.
form issue from 3rd july,2010 to 10th july,2010.
contact for forms on following numbers.

Date : 27-May-10
Name : bijal gala
Location : airoli
Message : jai jinendra

whenever i go to derasar i have some feelings in my mind...
each n every derasar in the mrng is filled with so many pple doing so many things...

i think pple go to derasar to gain peace of mind n to give a good start to their day by lord's worship n darshan but bcozz of pple doin puja..lord's face also cannot be seen...
n too add more in dat pple just keep chanting various mantras n stotras....
sorry to say but i dont find peace at seeing all

i m not against puja, mantras etc..i totally agree with all things but still this question every tym arises in my mind wenever i go to derasar...

but still i always wish to visit mandir that is my love n faith towards navkar n jainism...

Date : 27-May-10
Name : bijal gala
Location : airoli
Message : jai jinendra..
day by day..we move on in our life..
many pple come in our life n many pple go away frm us aftr sometime...
dey give us something n dey take something frm us..
we achieve many goals n also we fail in many things..
many times we fall n many times we shine like a star..

in al these process we forget dat we r a soul dat can gain moksha..
we r so involved in these material world dat we say.."arre time hi nahi hain yeh sab sochne mein..."
young pple like us say.."abhi toh career,paisa imp hain..dharam dhyaan toh hota rahega.."

bt now my questn is after al these happening in our life-do we ever get tym 2 spend 4r ourself??

my ans 4 this would be as simple to attend NAVKAR JAAP once a month..

I would love 2 share one of my recent experience with u al..
i attend jaap evry month at ghatkpr bt bcoz my family decided 2 go 2 titwala ganesh mandir on dat same day..i was left confused whether to go 4 jaap or 2 join my family..
so i thought 2 decide the same mrng wer i should go..n den d day came n first i got ready 4 d jaap den suddenly i thought i must go with my family..n thought of a good idea...
during d train journey frm mulund 2 titwala i was listening 2 jaap which i hav saved in my cell..
so both d things wer handled..

then i got 2 kno dat there r jaap on 27th may in mulund..
again i left my decision till dat mrng..bcoz i was worried i wud get up in d mrng or not..
bt once u hav ful faith n trust on navkar..
navkar itself calls u..
n same happened with me!
to my shock i got up this mrng without alarm..
i got a chance 2 attend jaap at new centre..
n i saw der wer some foreigner students who have come 2 India 2 study jainism n dey came here 2 observe the jaap..also al my favourite stavan were sung by shri rahi trust n faith is increasing day by day..

then i understood d real thing behind al this..
i showed full trust n faith towards navkar n navkar also responded 2 my love, trust n faith

sav na haiyye hoy rankaar..
magalkaari che navkaar...

Date : 20-May-10
Name : janak shah
Location : walkeshwar
Message : i must salute shri rahiji for his great work. and even his deciple yuva ratn shri harsh dedhia for his tremendeous n great performance

Date : 13-May-10
Name : sarla bhupendra dedhia
Location : bhandup
Message : navkar kare bhav thi paar rahisahebe bhaveli shubh bhavna sahunu kalyan karo jai jinendra

Date : 27-Apr-10
Message : Respected jayantbhai rahi and all Navkar prayers, and panch parmesti parivar, MANY MANY congrtulations on completion of one year to NAVKAR WEBSITE ! MAY LIGHT OF NAVKAR SPREAD ALL OVER WORLD AND UNIVERSE! --FROM :- PARAG BHARAT DOSHI [SANDIEGIO-CALIFORNIA - USA, BHARAT, JAYSHREEBEN, HARDIK [MUMBAI].

Date : 21-Mar-10
Name : jigar rajesh vikmani
Location : edinburgh, UK
Message : m mising nakar jaap that i use to attend in mumbai with my parents.
as they attend jaap on regular base.
m very proud of our jain dharam that me being far away from our culture only navkar maha mantra is leting me feel that m still in india n with all of you.
there is a small request that could any one help me get navkar jaap only in mr.jayant rahi's voice as iv searchd through all d possible sites bt dint get it and even on this site dont know where is it posted...i would be realy happy to hear dem evry morning before leaving for job n college.
i m greatly thankfull to jain dharam n our lords that its cause of this religion i have succeeded in my life n have a wonderful family to support me.
my fathers name is mr.rajesh morarji vikmani and my mother mrs.sarla rajesh vikmani, village kotda roha.

Date : 21-Mar-10
Name : nayana shantilal dedhia
Location : mulund
Message : congratulations and best wishes to rahisaheb and panch parmesthi pariwar for the excellent work.

Date : 21-Mar-10
Name : pooja
Location : chembur
Message : a very nice website and it is useful 4 spreading our religion

Date : 20-Mar-10
Name : Jayesh Shah
Location : Surat
Message : Sir, I am in search of the CD(audio & Visual) of full programme of Vandaniya Shri Jayantbhai Rahi so that we can arrange to start with our family on every sunday

Date : 16-Mar-10
Name : sharad bhagubhai shah
Location : patan [ vakhatji ni sheri ] north gujarat
Message : must see& to teach child through english this navkar defination every day&every time . must read navkar no rankar.

Date : 16-Mar-10
Name : sharad bhagubhai shah
Location : patan
Message : good & excellant site .must save in computor

Date : 07-Mar-10
Name : Hemang Shah
Location : Malad
Message : vyakti vishesh par bhar na mukta navkarmantra ane prabhu bhakti ne lakshya ma rakhvu.
Hemang Shah

Date : 22-Feb-10
Name : Sagar N. Mota
Location : Dombivli
Message : I attending Navkar Mantra Jaap at Ghatkopar on 21.02.2010 & I am feel very good I want that Sir You Should do this Navkar Mantra Jaap Every month in Dombivli more people are attending the Jaap & feel change in their life.

Date : 15-Feb-10
Location : MUMBAI 400049
Message : very good try to inform the whole world that NAVKAR MANTR IS GREATEST IN ALL MANTRAS.

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