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Date : 21-Mar-10
Name : nayana shantilal dedhia
Location : mulund
Message : congratulations and best wishes to rahisaheb and panch parmesthi pariwar for the excellent work.

Date : 21-Mar-10
Name : pooja
Location : chembur
Message : a very nice website and it is useful 4 spreading our religion

Date : 20-Mar-10
Name : Jayesh Shah
Location : Surat
Message : Sir, I am in search of the CD(audio & Visual) of full programme of Vandaniya Shri Jayantbhai Rahi so that we can arrange to start with our family on every sunday

Date : 16-Mar-10
Name : sharad bhagubhai shah
Location : patan [ vakhatji ni sheri ] north gujarat
Message : must see& to teach child through english this navkar defination every day&every time . must read navkar no rankar.

Date : 16-Mar-10
Name : sharad bhagubhai shah
Location : patan
Message : good & excellant site .must save in computor

Date : 07-Mar-10
Name : Hemang Shah
Location : Malad
Message : vyakti vishesh par bhar na mukta navkarmantra ane prabhu bhakti ne lakshya ma rakhvu.
Hemang Shah

Date : 22-Feb-10
Name : Sagar N. Mota
Location : Dombivli
Message : I attending Navkar Mantra Jaap at Ghatkopar on 21.02.2010 & I am feel very good I want that Sir You Should do this Navkar Mantra Jaap Every month in Dombivli more people are attending the Jaap & feel change in their life.

Date : 15-Feb-10
Location : MUMBAI 400049
Message : very good try to inform the whole world that NAVKAR MANTR IS GREATEST IN ALL MANTRAS.

Date : 12-Feb-10
Name : minesh mulchand shah
Location : mumbai andheri
Message : i am so happy for the continious jaap of navkarmantra that i have a personal liking and sujjestion and that is as a trustee of manasmandir i am requesting that if possible on each poonam or besata mahine navkaar jaap anushthaan be organised in manasmandir it will charge the place like anything.please call back on 9820024612 so we can discuss.

Date : 11-Feb-10
Name : Dhiren Jethalal Shah
Location : Chembur
Message : Shri Rahi is doing a great work by conducting these Jaaps, which make a person feel energised and powered.By which he can face any tough work.

Date : 05-Feb-10
Name : Mayur Jagdish Vira
Location : Kalbadevi, Mumbai
Message : JAI JINENDRA!!!!

Date : 03-Feb-10
Name : Vaibhav Shah
Location : Mumbai
Message : Yuva Navkar Jap was really a inspiring event for all of us.
i thank all those people who have conducted jaap for yuva generation.

Date : 02-Feb-10
Name : Jinen Tilak Lalka
Location : Dombivali
Message : The best ever experience after doing the jaap I ever felt inside me.. I am now doing navkar jaap daily & the felling of positiveness is running inside me . I feel so lucky that i got a chance to attend navkar jaap on 31st Jan in Bhandup..
jay Jinendra

Date : 01-Feb-10
Name : Tejal Gala
Location : Miraroad
Message : Jai Jinendra!!

Jaap held at jainam hall wer superb! i request BMPPP to oragnise this kind of jaap once in every month only for youngsters!!

Thanks to everyone involve with BMPPP!!!

Date : 01-Feb-10
Name : Kunj Patel
Location : Thane (W)
Message : Respected,
I attended the Navkar Jaap at Bhandup in Yuva Utkarsh Navkar Jaap Anusthan.
It was an excellent experience. I have certain views that I would like to share.
Youngsters in this era requires scientific proof to each nd every aspect then only they will trust it nd apply in their life. Bhagwan Mahavcir ae prarupelu aa Jain Marg most scientific che which can be explained wid proofs. So this can be done. Secondly, I would like to say that Navkaar Mantra ni aradhana pachad sansar sukh ni apeksha na hovi joiye pan hun pote atma chu ane mane mara atma ne karma thi rahit karvu che mate samjan purvak navkaar mantra karva ma jo ave toh atma dhire dhire orkhay ane by-productly sansar toh saru thavanuj che kem ke atma ni orkhan sathe karma ni nirjara chokas thai che.
Potana atma na kalyan ma sukh kevi teh rahelu che ae vastu jyar sudhi koi jeev ne na samje tyar sudhi teh sarva sansar na anitya padarth pachadj bhagvano che toh ani mate atma ma anant sukh kevi te rahelu che ane anu link apda sansar ma kevi te che teh samajvu khup jaruri che...
AA vastu je upar janavi agar tame kyan ye samjavta ho toh mane chokas mail karjo....hun janva mangish....
Janta ajanta kai khotu kevayu hoi toh Michhami Dukhadam...

Date : 01-Feb-10
Location : BHANDUP
Message : bahu saaru hatu navjarmantra na jaap mari pase kai words nahi hu aetlu j kahu j


Date : 01-Feb-10
Name : Sagar shah
Location : mulund
Message : First i thanx all those people who conduct jaap for yuva generation.
this jaap was change the importance of navkar mantra in our life.sir one demand is that after jaap conduct 15 minute prabhubhakti programme in which we all are dance in front of prabhu. only for boys.i hope that next jaap will be held in mulund. jai jinendra.

Date : 31-Jan-10
Name : semin satia
Location : Dombivli [east]
Message : This is the perfect area to grow our jain public.
I liked the more thanks for creating a new area in me.
please there is request that when where there is a jaap please inform me.

Date : 31-Jan-10
Name : Khiren.Gosar
Location : Bhandup
Message : pls. conduct yuva shibir on a regular basis.
Todays shibir was mind blowing experience for me.

Date : 31-Jan-10
Name : bijal gala
Location : mulund
Message : jai jinendra......

yuva utkarsh shibir rocks.....
and jain youths rocks......

firstly i want to thank adarniya JAYANT BHAI RAHI, SOMCHAND BHAI , AND MANY MANY MORE.......
i want to thank you all on behalf of every youth who was present there......
i guess this should be organised every month exclusively for the youths.....

the energy which was present there in the atmosphere at the time of jaap was really really vibrating.....n very very powerful....

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